Ayurveda Palms



As an allopathic doctor, and highly skilled alternative medicine practitioner she knows not only the body very well, but also understands the human psychology and how that impacts health and wellbeing. On top of that she walks a spiritual path with high integrity and unites all these three qualities in her person and treatments.

More than ten years ago I was dying because of a very aggressive form of rheumatism and the consequences of a severe CO poisoning. Through a big transformation and a change of inner and outer way of life I healed.
Recently the aggressive rheumatism came back and I was bound to bed for weeks unable to move by myself. I was dying again, but this time I felt I couldn’t come back.
A most dear friend Dario who became aware of the emergency of the situation brought me to Ayurveda Palms into my home and she and her assistant were doing the most amazing treatment I’ve ever received. With hot oil and water she was freeing my body and bringing my spirit back into it which had been already far gone. She even burned her hand at some point and finished the treatment with one hand. I was treated with medical skill, hands-on massage and love, which was necessary to bring me back to life.

After this initial lifesaving treatment I continued treatments with her and each time I got better and better. It’s amazing how she can remove swollen joints and blockages in the body and also the mind. She relies on a greater force through prayer in humbleness which makes this treatments so special. I cannot put in words how deeply touched and thankful I felt after this first treatment to her and her assistant who helped with great devotion. And I’m deeply grateful to my friend who brought her to me. My eyes fill with tears each time I think of it.

This is a very special place in at the North of Rotterdam Netherlands. It holds the purity of Natural medicine and Ayurveda in an Indian and Vedic way. The practice is led by a very sweet and humble lady who makes her life passion of helping people to get better. She is an all-round holistic healer and with high qualifications and recommendations. In this clinic, all are equal and get treated with so much love and compassion. To help a person they really make such a great effort. Sangitha has more than 30 years of experience and has helped many thousands of people.

The clinic treats all kinds of diseases and illnesses. Most people who come here have been to the doctors for many times and have done many tests to find out what’s going on with them. But mostly they were not able to find the right kind of help to cure them. They treat all kinds of conditions and disease. Whether it’s emotional, spiritual, physical or all above mentioned they treat everybody with love and expertise.

The ambience is very peaceful and when you walk in you can feel the calmness, smell the incense and find that really comfortable and safe feeling. Most people come here for many years and it feels like family. And they all bring their families because they know it’s good and they will be helped in the best way possible.

I went to see Ayurveda Palms recommended by a dear friend, so she could accompany me during my pregnancy.My body fully trusted her since the very beginning and each session brought me closer to my baby. The most amazing experience was the day I shared with her that I felt my baby had not enough space to freely move and grow, I could feel it and I was a bit shy to share it since the midwife found everything ok.

she placed her loving hands over the place where I felt I was contracted and completely understood what I was referring to. After couple of minutes of her work, she cleared that area and since that moment I can really feel the difference in my body, as a gift for my baby who could freely move and change position after that. Thank God I shared this with her as my midwife told me this was something “normal” during pregnancy. This was literally an opening. An opening to life, connection and sacred space for my baby. Each session is a gift I give to myself and to the growing life inside myself; me and my family will be forever grateful for that.

Thanks for your generous gift of being there with us, wholeheartedly, and for opening your heart and healing hands for us to have a safe place where to rest.
A privilege to share this path with you!