Abhyanga is the basis of all ayurveda therapies, we could call it Oileation, special technique to apply oil on the body so it reaches the organs and inside the bone marrow.Referred today as Ayurveda massage, for want of a better explanation, a special technique to apply warm oil. 
It should be done by a trained Ayurvedic therapist, it is also a easy technique for the very beneficial self-massage. Abhyanga Massage is considered to be the fountain of youth.
Helps to balance and remove waste from the body. It works as a therapeutic aid also gives complete relaxation and is the best anti-aging activity you can do. 
The unique benefit of Abhayanga is that it benefits the giver as the receiver of the massage.
This course is a short introduction on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic therapies with detailed information about Abhyanga and practical training. 

What will you learn?
Practical training in abhayanga.
Learn about Ayurveda with specific emphasis on abhayanga and how to use specifically for your own body.
Ayurvedic abhayanga and how to use for yourself.  When to perform and what oil to use to live healthy and free of disease